Aggregation dynamics is a general theory of the development, distribution and degree of occurrence of living things and that which they are busy with all day. So, from bacteria to elephants and from sticks for picking insects loose to spaceships. An introduction to this theory is in the article titled Aggregation Dynamics: From problems and solutions to a generalized ecology (DOI). As the title suggests, I believe problems and solutions are a starting point for research.

I think research on problems and solutions is urgent. Problems like environmental pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss are largely self-inflicted by humans. How? Through our unbridled drive to 'improve' the world and our existence. Congratulations. Many people, organisations and companies are now eager to tackle the energy transition or the nitrogen crises. But, perhaps it would be wise to first ask ourselves: what kind of solvers are we really? What are problems? What is our efficacy? Aggregation dynamics aims to contribute to finding answers to these questions.

Articles in progress:

  1. Unification in the Los Angels Smog case study
  2. Solutions to combat nitrogen deposition viewed from the perspective of aggregation dynamics.
  3. An article testing all outsourcing success factors imaginable or mentioned in the literature on the Symbiosis database, co-authored with Guus Delen, Rob Peters, Chris Verhoef.